A Fish Out of Water

A new perspective, a new solution!

Let's talk about perspective.  Your reality is your reality and your reality is important and it is real!  This is why in the battle between Truth and Belief, Belief will win 99.99% of the time.

My reality is just that, my reality. In this case the map is definitely not the territory. We must realize that we see our reality through our own eyes, we are completely associated.  We are like that fish swimming around in the water. If that fish could talk to us and we asked him to describe water, the fish would not be able to. Why? Because he is in it, he is tremendously associated. Water holds no new or unique information for him it just is, it always has been and it always will be, end of story. Unfortunately, like the fish. we have our own perspective and it is complete with all of our human limitations as well as untold distortions, deletions and generalizations.  

As we are looking at the world through our own eyes we have limits imposed on us by our senses. We can only see so much, hear so much, taste so much, feel so much, smell so much. The majority of what is going on (10 billion plus bits of information per second) is filtered by those senses before we have a chance to internalize them. Then, once inside our head, our values, beliefs, strategies, memories, past decisions, particular language or languages we speak or understand ,and our meta-programs filter it even more.  But wait we are not done reducing those initial 10billion plus bits of information. Then, we delete, distort and chunk that info with the help of our internal map of the world (just an add on, we can only really remember 7+/-2 chunks- a far cry from 10 billion plus bits per second).  Then depending on our current state (happy, sad, angry, despondent, spacey, content, anxious, angry/anxious, shy, you get the idea), there are thousands of different states we may find ourselves in in any given moment, we will take in those bits of information and create a behavior which then ultimately leads to an outcome.

Sorry, I wasn't listening to the important part!


Now imagine every individual on the planet doing this every second of everyday.  That is a lot of realities! Is it so hard to believe that we might have a few misunderstandings? 

Simply understanding this new perspective may help us to begin to get a handle on all of it, to understand it and to use that understanding to create the outcomes that we desire.  When you find yourself stuck, or agitated for no reason, STOP, disassociate from your current reality (stop looking at the situation through your own eyes, see your body in the picture and see the situation as an observer, an outsider) and see if this new perspective can offer you any insight to either lessening the affect or giving it an entirely new meaning!

Be that fish out of water today!!!

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