Gaining RESPECT for ourselves and our world.

Gaining Respect from you to the Kosmos!

It seems in this current social climate there is not much invested in the respect we have for others, for community or for the planet. There are many competing theories as to why this breakdown has occurred, and that is fine, but what can we do about it? Integral Theory suggests that we exist in four quadrants: The interior-individual (or ME), the interior-collective (or WE), the exterior-individual (or IT), and the exterior-collective (or ITS).

What does all this mean and how can it help? Well, very bluntly, it all starts with what we see in the mirror. Without respect for self, respect in the other four quadrants is unlikely. When we raise ourselves developmentally in the interior-individual (ME), then it is more likely that the knowledge and perspective we gain there will help us to give more respect in the other three quadrants (WE-our culture, justness IT-behavior, empirical, truth and ITS-social systems, functional fit).

from research by Rackel-Correa

While the 'ITS' reflects the systems that we have in place, we can still have an effect on them. In a deeper dive on this subject, as we developmentally raise the Interior-individual, our perspective will begin to change. Movement will change from egocentric to sociocentric to worldcentric, and finally to kosmocentric levels. More on that later.

For now let's look at the acronym RESPECT UR WORLD to see how we can practice changing our perspective on the first two levels.

R:  Respect for others' model of the World

E:  Behavior and Change are to be Evaluated in terms of context and ECOLOGY

S: Resistance is a SIGN of Lack of Rapport

P: PEOPLE are Not their Behaviors

E: EVERYONE is doing the best they can with what is available to them at the time

C: CALIBRATE on Behavior- not what they "tell" us

T: The Map is not the TERRITORY- Words are not the event

U: YOU are in charge of Your mind

R: People have all the RESOURCES they need to Succeed and Achieve Outcomes

W: All Procedures should Increase WHOLENESS

O: There is ONLY Feedback Not Failure

R: The Meaning of Communication is the RESPONSE you get

L: The LAW of Requisite Variety- The one with the most Flexibility controls the situation

D: All Procedures should be DESIGNED to Increase Awareness

Happy practicing!!!

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