Hypnosis, Life Coaching, NLP and Happiness

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself if you were happy?

With a shooting, stabbing or government take over every week it certainly makes it hard to focus on “us” and “our happiness”. In an article by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers of the Wharton School of Economics, it is now widely understood that average levels of happiness have failed to grow in the United States, despite ongoing economic growth (Easterlin 1995; Blanchflower and Oswald 2004)

To quote a friend, “what can I do”?

Consider this. One of the basic ideas of happiness is a sense of self-direction and fulfillment. One of the basic ideas of self-direction and fulfillment is the ability to meet our challenges and make positive changes at the personal and as well as at social levels. We can use processes from both NLP and Hypnosis to help us reframe experience and tap into deeper levels of mental processing that we can then organize in such a way as to rise above our self imposed limitations and engage with our challenges with positive belief and enthusiasm. By becoming more aware of our conscious and unconscious processes we give ourselves more power over our attitudes, behaviors and life direction(some may call this real happiness).

However, some unconscious processes are beyond our conscious awareness. Science is showing us, that what we think of as "free will" is not as much in our control as we like to imagine. There are unconscious operations occurring all the time and we are totally oblivious to the fact that they are even happening. Everyday life would become impossible if we had to be aware of all the unconscious process taking place at every moment! What would happen if you had to be aware of breathing and you forgot? How would we even be able to sleep if everything were under conscious control?

Dr. Martin Seligman, founding father of Positive Psychology has identified, through his research, some key elements of happiness and flourishing. Those key elements are: • Resilience • Gratitude • Personal strengths • Meaning • Flow • Positive relationships • Positive emotions • Well being • Engagement • Accomplishment

Utilizing Hypnosis, NLP techniques and positive tasks as simple as looking forward to three things in your day and being grateful for three things before sleep can help you access the afore mentioned elements and radically change your attitude for the better.

Combine this with some simple meditation techniques, proper nutrition and a little bit of exercise you can ensure you will become happier and more resilient to all the unpredictability that life throws our way. Hypnosis and NLP used creatively by your life coach can go a long way beyond getting past unwanted habits. It will help you access positive, proactive states of mind that will help you relax, achieve and flourish.

Stop and ask yourself, “Am I happy?”

I know what we can achieve together. A little bit of lasting happiness.

Remember when you were just......Happy?