I choose "nothing" as my Goal!

From Nothing

In the right frame and circumstance why can't that be a valid goal?

It is way too easy to dismiss the concept of nothing as nothing more than nothing. In fact, nothing is often seen as everything to science and spirituality. Understanding intangible voids has lead to breakthroughs we could never have imagined possible. Think of the vastness of the Universe where people, as I imagine them, with brains as big as the heads on Mt. Rushmore have declared that 96% of it is actually nothing by scientific accounts. It is made of stuff astronomers can't see, detect or even comprehend.

"The overwhelming majority of the universe is: who knows?" explains science writer Richard Panek, who spoke about these oddities of our universe at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) in Manhattan. "It's unknown for now, and possibly forever." The scientific community agrees, noting that these mysterious substances are called dark energy and dark matter. Astronomers infer their existence based on their gravitational influence on what little bits of the universe can be seen, but dark matter and energy themselves continue to elude all detection.

Even 99.999% of our body is empty space. I'm thinking, I still need to get on the treadmill for that other .0001%, but that is an entirely different post!!

John Paul Sartre contends that human existence is a conundrum whereby each of us exists, for as long as we live, within an overall condition of nothingness (no thing-ness).

In The Psychology of Imagination (1940), Sartre argues, if one insists that all consciousness is intentional in nature, one must conclude that even so-called “images” are not objects “in the mind” but are ways of relating to items “in the world” in a properly imaginative manner, namely, by what he calls “de-realizing” them or rendering them “present-absent.” Sartre posits that we are free because we are not a self (an in-itself) but a presence-to-self (the transcendence or “nihilation” of our self). Ouch, I know, hurts my head too, but apparently that is just an imagined self recognizing the presence of that self- whatever- it is still about that idea of Nothingness!!

Let's talk spiritually, In buddhism, nothingness, that moment, is often described as the death of the self and therefore the moment in which you really understand the great nothingness in which all the things, time and events float eternally. It's like dying in life and losing all longing for terrestrial desires for once and not being afraid of your death or your destiny. You are just at ease, so to speak, with the void as some call it.

A recent client declared, “my goal is nothing.”  In his specific instance it was a perfect declaration. In his case “nothing” was exactly what he needed to begin again to stop and invent who he is and how he chooses to make his decisions.  Not re-invent, but to invent, free from the shackles of pre-notion and expectation. Nothing, therefore, becomes the starting point where we are not encumbered by our past or tortured into making decisions based on past emotional connections. Nothing is perfect.  No limiting decisions, no limiting beliefs, no anger, fear, sadness, guilt or shame.  What a perfect place to start once we get there.

Transcendental meditation hopes to find us entering into the space between our thoughts. That void that is the connection to something greater than ourselves. That void while nothing in essence is also the stuff that all form is born from. That form also being thought.

Realizing that we can create ourselves anew everyday of our life can give us the freedom to forgive ourselves of our failures (which is really only feedback), the courage to do the things that once frightened us or made us anxious.  Separating the emotional connections that we have made with past events that stop us from moving forward in our present life is how we break a traumatic hold on our psyche. Giving us the freedom to live without limiting beliefs and decisions.

When we say that nothing is impossible, aren’t we really saying that with nothing at the starting point everything is possible?  The things that stop us from achieving are nothing more than memories we have conjured up from the past and treat them as if they are real and now.  NLP, TLT® helps us to see that we can free ourselves from negative emotions as well as limiting beliefs and decisions.

It really is amazing to look at you future possibilities if you start at nothing!  What a wonderful goal.

Have you ever experienced this? Please share your thoughts!

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