Paradoxical Unity

Can you have one without knowing the other?

Today we crush ANXIETY! but first we need to reframe how we see the world. Today's exercise is all about paradoxical unity. The world of opposites.

The only way that we can know beauty in the world is to compare it to ugliness, the same is true for knowing good by knowing evil, high is not understandable without low, you get the idea. A man who has been blind since birth doesn't know the meaning of darkness because he has never seen light. So how can we work through and crush this imagined anxiety

created by the judgment that creates polarity and duality?

Keep in mind that when we speak of anxiety we are talking about our imagination.

The better your imagination, the greater the possibility of serious anxiety. I have a pretty vivid imagination- this has helped me survive, just as it will you. Let's temper our imagination then and take back control of that beast. How can we take these opposites, these things at odds with one another and merge them together as one?

Nature can elaborate for us a bit. Nature it seems has mastered this paradoxical unity, Nature, just is. And it does it, without the judgment, and without the rush of getting to an outcome or result. There is no judgment and no emotion attached to the outcome. When an animal is hungry it seeks to eat. It doesn't imagine how hungry it is or why or think about all the things that might happen to stop it from eating. It just seeks to eat in the moment, being fully in that moment, not concerning itself with the judgments of did I do this or that fast enough, good enough, etc. Nature operates on a continuum. Nature does not operate with judgement and critique.

Opposites from now on do not exist. Love/hate is just more or less love. Expert/imposter is just more or less expert. Even if you feel that you are only 1% expert, then you are 1% expert, then work toward ways of increasing your % of expert, period! I am Worth it/I am not worth it. You are worth it! If you feel you are worth it only 43.5% then look for ways to increase that % period.

No more negatively imagined judgments. Let's practice letting go of the naming and labeling. Let's quit defining ourselves and the others around us. If you are smart, you are smart because you are smart, not because some institution conferred on you a piece of parchment. Let's rid ourselves of categorizing everything. As you experience your day today and tomorrow or the next, take the day as it comes, marveling in the beauty of life unfolding around you, of conversations, of interactions. Relax and let go, let the world around you be what it is, not what you think (imagine) that it should be. Judge less and listen more. Let the mystery unfold. Let the paradox of opposites live at once within you in everything that you see and experience. Be at peace, be an animal, no criticism, no good/bad.

Practice Flow.

Today and tomorrow, just BE, no #judgment, no #criticism, just #acceptance of that Paradoxical Unity!! #truth