Stop Creating Your Future

So I was on a little 3-mile hike today and I started thinking about the straight talk I had I had with myself in the mirror earlier. I told myself it was time to get off my butt and create the future that I wanted. Almost immediately several quotes started to fill my head, all paraphrased because I haven't memorized them, good 'ole Abe with "the best way to predict the future is to create it." GB Shaw's "it's not about finding you it's about creating you."

Then I thought, “I have been getting this all wrong!” “All this time I thought that I had to create something from scratch, with nothing to go on and no idea where to begin." I know that you have felt that frustration, haven't you?

Here I am trying to create the future that I want when I realize that just by the sheer fact that I can picture that future that I want means that it has already been created. I do not have to create anything! All I have to do is attract, assemble, and appropriate what already exists! 

  • Attract: Simply by having the ability to see all that I desire it means it already exists and now I need to do the things that start it on its journey to me (my step by step daily action plan without worrying about the goal). What am I choosing to focus on?

  • Assemble: I need to combine all of those energies and start to sculpt them into what I want (my daily habits and rituals).

  • Appropriate: Decide where my energies are best served and distribute it there (ain’t no mountain high enough stuff!).

Then I thought wow, I am really on to something (yes I am bizarre when I walk alone), which reminded me of Michelangelo who talked about how when he looked at a block of marble, he saw a figure struggling to be free from within that marble.

That is how we “create” the future that we see, we do not have to create it from scratch, it already exists, we simply have to remove the obstacles and barriers that stop us from living that life that we have to ability to imagine. We have to free that perfect future version of ourselves from the block of marble.

  • Attract: Use our energy to start chiseling away at those barriers and obstacles. A bit at a time, it’s never all or nothing, it will take time.

  • Assemble: Decide what we need to do each and every day to keep us moving closer and closer to what we already know exists!

  • Appropriate: Save the energy for the here and now do not waste it on the past or throw it away fixating on the goal. Set it and forget it!

So a 3-mile hike to tell me that I can stop working so frustratingly hard trying to create what already exists! What you see in your mind already exists! Are you ready to start the journey? #allofyou