The absolute best version of YOU!


Who are you?  Really, who are you?  Are you your job? Are you a parent, spouse, successful, a liar, a murderer?  Who are you?  Personally, I think I could be any of the above if I wanted to.  So, back to the question at hand, who are you?

Maybe we should ask it this way, "what or who makes us who or what we consider us to be?"

Some say it's the environment, More specifically, our past environment. We are our past they say! Others say it is our future environment. We will become what the future makes of us. Some say it is our current, present environment. Maybe we decide that our current environment would foster a certain "us" that we wouldn't otherwise envision.  Perhaps we are just reacting to stimuli- life effects us, we respond, we have no choice.

But, in fact, I would say it is contrary to all of these, I believe that we make a choice to not have a choice.

Play along if you dare. First, we must decide that we are at cause in our lives, not effect.  We cause change, we cause the mess we are in, we cause the way we clean it up, we cause the success and we cause the rewards that we reap.  But I am getting away from the original question- "Who are you?"  We are a lot of things to a lot of different entities. To corporations we are consumers, to governments we are taxpayers, to scientists we are guinea pigs, maybe to extraterrestrials we are both guinea pigs and aliens.  We are also a lot of things to ourselves. It is in this area (see also blog, "Gaining RESPECT for ourselves and our world") that will create the most change when we decide who we are.  Are you worthy? Are you successful? Are you beautiful? Are you smart? Are you still with me?

Even then, just because you believe that you are who you are doesn't necessarily make it true. You came up with "I am not worth it" at some point in the past that you do not even remember consciously, and the decision most likely had nothing to do with you in the first place, if it did, you most likely did not have the tools to make the right decision about who you were and now are. Your unconscious was absorbing but not fully understanding.

Are we more than our thoughts?  Well, yes, but that is only were it begins.  Walk around any department store these days or check out social sites and you will be inundated with memes about thinking and believing and becoming and thoughts and dreams, etc.  Just as James Allen postulated in the early part of the 1900's-"your thoughts create you words and your words create your actions."  In NLP, the same holds true, your thoughts are a result of your values, your values determine your beliefs and your beliefs drive your behaviors and they drive your outcomes.  The nice thing about all of this is that the past is the past. It is just that- it has passed.  You are no longer the person that you were when you were five or ten or 15 or 20 or 30 or 50. Times change, you change, your thoughts change.  You are who you are now!, get it?  And who you choose to be now will determine the path that you will begin to go down to create your future now.  The possibilities are endless.  There are endless versions of you waiting to be created. And the coolest thing of all is, you get to pick.

You can reinvent yourself at the start of every day, at the end of every lunch, before every dinner, and right before you go to bed! Your life is in YOUR hands and your hands alone. You have the power to be whoever you want to become. You have to focus to do it. If you want to be happy don't look outside, look within. Who you are is an internal game and the playing of that internal game will create that external reality.

Start by smiling. Then look in a mirror and smile. Don't expect the person in the mirror to smile first!! Then look at someone and smile, they WILL smile back or at least be a little confused. If you want to be happy, focus on being happy. Focus on what you want in life not what you DON'T want. If you are tired of being fat, don't focus on all the reasons you're fat, focus on all the ways you can be healthy and fit. Then, do those things that will make you healthy and fit. Remember when you were little, you didn't settle for being who you thought you were, you were anything that you could imagine.

It's time to imagine again, it's time to create that amazing person lurking beneath the surface of who you currently believe that you are.  Decided who you want to be today and be it- The very best version of you!

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