The CEO and the secret killer

self-neglect doesn't contribute to success

Here is the thing. Anxiety, fear, doubt! It doesn't matter how successful you are or how successful you aren't? It doesn't matter how much you've done or accomplished when it comes to that next thing or that new unknown. We tend to think that fear and anxiety only affect the unsuccessful, that is bunk. As you know, it affects everyone, especially if they haven't had the opportunity to actually deal with the fear, doubt and anxiety at an unconscious level.

You are at the end of a big project and you begin to experience fear, doubt or anxiety. Why are you experiencing it now when you didn't during the project? What is happening? Unconsciously, you may be experiencing fear about the end of the project. What the perceived worth is or what your own worth might be and the doubt or fear that the next project might not be enough or if you might not be enough. That's real fear no matter at what level you find yourself.

What the world doesn't see are all of the insecurities, especially when you are successful and earning an amazing living, that are attacking you on a daily basis. Where do you turn? With the help of someone well versed in NLP, TLT or hypnotherapy, you turn inward. Why? Because the answers that you are seeking cannot be found on the outside. Face it, when you get to a certain level where do you turn for truth and direction? Can you be assured that those that depend on you for a wage or way of life will give you the truth that you desire (they are facing their own doubts, fears, and anxiety)? In fact that anxiety and fear trickle down into the company.

According to an article in, ( ) depression and anxiety are common among CEOs. Researchers estimate the rate of depression for business leaders at double the rate of the general population. In 2008, former Fortune 500 CEO Philip Burguieres estimated that 50% of CEOs, at some time in their lives, experience depression. The article goes on to explain that CEOs experience at least as much anxiety — or more — as anyone else in the company, and it is critical to be aware when depression or anxiety impacts their lives. Not only can this impact judgment and decision-making, but depression and anxiety can also trickle down into the company. This issue is especially important now, as depression, anxiety and suicide are all on the rise.

In fact, Dr. Michael Freeman did a study among entrepreneurs and found that 30% of the participants reported depression as their number 1 health concern, compared to only 7% in the general population. (

It is important that you have someone with whom you can share your fears, doubts and anxieties with that has a way to help you understand them and effectively work with them to make you more resilient. So, we are agreed that the outward appearance of success brings with it a very heavy internal price. What's next?

Well, let's see what the options are:

Do you have a coach (NLP, Hypnotherapist, TLT Practitioner)?

Do you have rituals in place to help you internally release fear and anxiety?

Do you meditate?

Do you limit the effects of your extreme business environment?

Do you have a self-care practice in place?

Do you think fatigue is just part of being a success and will go away?

If you answered No to at least 3 of the questions, then you are putting yourself at risk unnecessarily. Anxiety, fear and doubt have their place true, but they should only serve to keep you safe from harm, not cause harm to you.

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