Understanding Authenticity

From my observation we are living in a time of superficiality. Now I am not saying that we haven't been down this road before or won't be down it again, I am saying it to offer a safe, productive, meaningful way to live in it while it is here. You've no doubt seen the photographs of people on the subway all on their phones and then the one with everyone reading a newspaper, suggesting that things haven't really changed, only the tools that we use or the distractions that we have have changed. I am not debating this, I only want to help us find a way to live purposefully within those parameters, doing what makes us happy, helping others without being overly affected by the soup in which we find ourselves submersed.

Personally, I see it all of the time, someone will ask a question or will be looking for deeper meaning or clarification on a subject that they find effects them or that they wish to know more about. I will reach out and offer them a deeper understanding or a way for them to get more involved with the underlying meanings or reasoning so that they might have a more robust understanding. My aim is to give them the right amount of the right information so that they can continue to look deeper themselves, with or without my help. What do I get back? "Fascinating, thanks for sharing?" Or a thumbs up emoji!

So what does it mean? I have said before that the message that we get back is not always what we intended, but what we delivered. So what was I hoping for? Was I hoping for more interaction, connections, debate, understanding, or just attention or to look smart? Truth is, I could have unconsciously been hoping for all of those things. So where does that leave us, because I am sure I am not the only one who has travelled down this road. I have a few thoughts, if you care to keep reading, haha, see what I did there? Seriously though, we must realize and be aware that there are quite a substantial number of individuals, small business', corporations, governments, etc. out there that simply want to speak and do not wish discourse. Their ideas of the world, inner and outer and their ideas of how things operate are where the bus line ends. There is no room for continued conversations or deeper reflection or a different perspective to enhance understanding.

Don't beat yourself up about it! Don't continue to let it bother you. Don't give it a second thought. Let it go! Why the heck after building up all this would I say let it go? Because it doesn't really serve you. Keep diving deeper, keep offering your unique understanding of the world, keep giving, keep helping. It's the time that you do not realize that you are helping that you may be making an impact. You might find out years later that something you said or taught made a difference in someone's life. Forget about the instant gratification of knowing whether or not you made a difference. Just be you, be authentic, don't just use the word. Even if you never hear you ever made a difference in someone's life, who cares, just be you!! That's how we stop being superficial. Be true to who you are every single day. That would be a great way to live!! #authentic #authenticity #truth #simple #truepath #you #courage