What's Your Rhythm?

A deeper dive into the rhythm of your life and calling. What is your rhythm?

What rhythm suits your best level of production and the pursuits of your goals and what rhythm do you have that holds you back?

Too many times we are so busy trying to have what others have and live the lifestyle that they dangle in front of us, that is, yes I agree attractive to us, that we are not awake to the rhythms that are our own and that would serve us best.

Rhythm keeps things moving along, it gives motion. It can also help make life feel like it is moving faster or slower than its actual pulse. Rhythm in this sense puts you, to use a musical reference, in the groove. For a super deep dive into this, I would suggest reading Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Being in the groove or flow is that optimal state where the magic happens and everything is perfect. But you cannot get to that flow using someone else's rhythm. Rhythm gives rise to form and structure and develops for us and those that are interacting with us a sense of continuity.

So what happens when you try to adopt someone else's rhythm that runs contrary to your own? The degree doesn't really matter, either it is yours or it is not, and there will be no real groove or real flow. Real structure or the real continuity that you desire cannot exist, more importantly though, it stops what people around you, people that you may influence, desire from you.

Another example. Simply playing all the notes on the sheet music technically correct creates boring-ass music. For example, if I tried to copy Louis Armstrong's rendition of St, James Infirmary, I might get it right technically, but it is NOT and I repeat NOT going to give the same feeling as listening to Mr. Armstrong.


Simply put, I am not him. It's his rhythm, the song, the playing of it and listening to it is more than the technical aspect of it.

Let's look at the business world. In business, if you are an entrepreneur you have ads coming at you night and day, especially if you are trying to grow your business into a reliable source of income. "Follow these 5 steps, swipe my perfect pitch, I've done X and now you can do X and you'll get the golden ticket too!"

Should we try to model and copy the success of others? Absolutely, 100%. Should we give up our rhythm for theirs because we think theirs is better and the only way to succeed? 100% Absolutely NOT!! I will go into this more in just a bit, but let's wake the F' up already and realize that there is very little originality if any at all in the world right now. And news flash it has been that way for quite some time! This is especially true in my market- human potential development and coaching.

Look, your own personal rhythm it is important. In fact, it is more important than the originality of the content that you are providing.

Before The Secret (2006), there was The Power of Now (2000) before that The Four Agreements (1997), Then The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (1994), The Celestine Prophecy (1993), Awaken the Giant Within (1991), Seven Habits (1989), The Alchemist (1988), The Road Less Travelled (1978), Journey to Ixtlan (1972), Teachings of Don Juan (1968), On the Road (1957), The Power of Positive Thinking (1952), Mans Search for Meaning (1946), Think and Grow Rich (1937), How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936), The Science of Getting Rich (1910), As a Man Thinketh (1903), Summa Theologica (1485), The Quran (609), New Testament (1st 2nd century), The Mahabharat (400BCE), The Tao Te Ching (6th Century BCE), The Torah (1312 BCE), The Vedas (1500BCE) And I didn't even mention anything from the 600 years after St. Thomas Aquinas!!

Okay, I believe I have successfully beat that to death! The thing is, your rhythm will resonate with someone who didn't get the message from all those other folks throughout history. And after resonating with you they will get the desire to deepen their own understanding and knowledge. Get into your own rhythm, find that difference that makes the difference and put your own rhythm to it and watch it flourish!

What about rhythms that don't suit you, the ones that do not reflect what you want to achieve or become? This is where you really have to wake up and be honest with yourself. "Is what I am doing going to get me where I want to be?" If the answer is NO, then fix it and move on!!

Get a coach to help you, hold you accountable and to give you the tools that you will use to build your own rhythm. One of the things that I do as a coach is to help my clients overcome that frustration of being where they do not want to be in life. The tools are tools and they should be tailored to your rhythm, you should not tailor your rhythm to the tools! Find your groove, create your flow, make it your own!!

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