You're In! Here's the plan...

Congratulations on deciding to utilize the authority of NLP and Hypnosis to get more people willing to buy from you! It is time to end 2019 with a bang, isn’t it?!

Click the button below and messenger will send you a link to the private FB group where I'll be going LIVE starting
November 4th at 9AM PDT!

See you in the Private Group

During the workshop, we’ll cover some pretty insightful strategies on how to harness the power of NLP and Hypnosis to get more people buying from you!!

This is the AGENDA, keep it handy…

Day 1. Croc vs. Logic : avoiding the fight or flight reflex

Day 2. Hypnotic Language : get them listening uncritically

Day 3. The Power of Metaphors : the secret to powerful storytelling

Day 4. Your Live Stream : control your audience w/o saying a word

Day 5. Sensory Acuity & the Sale : they will buy ‘cos you ‘get’ them

I know you are looking forward to The NeuroMastery Blueprint for Marketers, and so am I.  Wait until you see what you will learn!

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